Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dark Avenger v1.2.8 android -mod APK

Current Version:1.2.8 ultimate modRequires Android:2.2 and up,armv7
1. High movement speed. After dth too. After the update you can use Blades of Faith for templar and Adrenalin Rush for archer normally.
2. Speedorb gives you more speed. After speedorb effects end, you gain your previous high speed back.
3. All the passive skills cost 1 gold.
4. All the active skills cost 1 gold (except BP skills)
6. All skills cost 0 mana.
7. Attack speed of Characters: archer -> 2.5/Sorcerer -> 2.5/Templar -> 3/Berserk -> 3.
8. Speed of some skills is adjusted to be higher, than ATT value - it's convenient.
9. 0 skills cool down( Only some of them )
10. You can see all map in PVP (switch to Camera Action in Single mode)
11. VERY high damage in Single and IT (except event bosses in IT)
12. Unlimited Coins( Every sold green stone gives you back 45000 gold )
13. You can forge any wpon with green stones. STOP BRKING THE STONES! JUST BUY ENOUGH GREEN ONES!
14. If you die in Boss Raid, don't exit! After 20 seconds the counter disappr and you'll lie on the floor until the end. You'll get your reward!
15. Infinite time in IT (except Event Bosses) - time only incrses
16. No 5 seconds delay in PVP after dth. Instant resurrection
17. When you or your enemies resurrect, you are not invincible. You can hit your enemies asap! And they can too.
18. No delay when you become Warlord. You can hit right now
19. Warlord runs fast
20. No 30 seconds ban in PVP. You can stand and not move the whole match
21. You can see 500 winners in PVP
22. In Boss Raid you ALWAYS crte a new room
23. You ALWAYS play in Boss Raid alone
24. Ice resistance is higher

Manual Step:
- Uninstall previous version of the game.
- Download APK
- Install APK
- Start the game
- Now there are 2 options
*1 Your game stuck on start screen
*2 Your game continues to character crtion normally
- Once option 1 or 2 happens close the game
- Navigate to /sdcard/Android/data/ and put this file there Download
- Once you place the file start the game again and you are rdy to play
- Have FUN

-Never go above 146 floor, it will get you insta ban.
-Don't toy with people, they will report you.
-Dangerous mod, use wisely although only top s get banned.
Credits To: Raproiddownload linksAPK (49.55Mb)zippyshare
Dark Avenger v1.2.8 mod apk

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