Wednesday, May 18, 2016

DD TRIGGER 2 android (no bann risk)

Current Version :0.02.1 modRequires Android 4.0 and up,armv7 only made logical to use and not to detect.
1. damage ;U can kill any enemy with only one bullet (eeeh eeeeh, very powerful bullet).
2. wpon range ; u can attack to enemy which is far(so u can use only gunsmith for any level )
3. ammo ; u will have just 510 bullet in clip and 600 in wpon (I think it is enough for any level, no need to more)
4.clip ; u dont loose time for reloading the wpon.

I don't want to below items;
1. hlth ; because the game will be boring if u dont kill.
2. gold ; may be I can made gold , but It would be detectable. because it is server side information.

finally I made game more funny and playable.

1. uninstall the game if you installed before.
2.install this apk. apk
3.obb file; you can find sily in this forum. or you can download from the wifi after installing and starting the game.
4. dont worry, you don't loose of your player data, for example, if you are level 20, just login button, and game will start where it left of..
DETAILS1.added money , if select game diffuculty HARD you will rn more money. game pause is incrsed to 150 second (eeehh,eeeh very funny)

I want to give you some suggestions;
1.don't use too much other , especially gold, experience , (but you can use this one),
2.and you should get died sometimes.

just try the knife, very speedy..

CREDITS : cevcevbir
download linksMOD APK (9.91Mb)zippyshareDD TRIGGER 2 mod v0.02.1 APK

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