Wednesday, May 18, 2016

EVA - (Siri for Android) v3.27 APK Free Download

EVA is the best Voice Assistant for Android !

EVA - (bts Siri)
Who should use EVA? If you are looking for an appliion that provides hands-free operation of your phone to open apps, rd and reply to text messages and email, schedule calendar events and many more functions that you can perform using just your voice then EVA is right for you.
If you are just looking for an electronic friend to chat with then plse go with one of the Siri clones. On the other hand if you want a rl virtual assistant that has useful functions that will make your life sier then plse give EVA a try.

EVA has all the functions you'd expect your assistant to perform plus some that you probably never new were possible. Here is a list of some of the functions that you wont find in most of the competition:Home Automation with INSTEON. Turn on the lights and appliances, open the garage door and a whole lot more, all with voice commands or scheduled or based on your loion.Loion based reminders. Remind you to do something based on your loion.Loion based actions. Perform any function that EVA can do based on your current loion. Have EVA automatically text your wife when you lve the .Time based actions. Perform any function that EVA can do on a set day and timeIn car mode including wake up phraseCustom voice shortcuts to your phone appliions. Give your apps any name you want and open them using that name.Voice bookmarks to your favorite web sites. Give your bookmarks any name you want and open them using that name.Activate just by shaking your phoneWorks with all Bluetooth HdsetsWhat's in this version :(Updated : Feb 11, 2014) Channel: List: Android O/S :2.2+
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