Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hard Wound Android for free shopping

☆☆☆Hard wound☆☆☆
Violence must be met by violence? Fist decides?
What is benevolence? What is evil?
This is a world with the rule of survival of the fittest!
★ Severe Wound ★
A 2012 grt work by China Wireless Arts!
No romance!
No brotherhood!
No mercy!
No tleman!When the world is confused by facts,
And constrained by laws,
Only what you see by your eyes is rl
and only your fist spks for your justice
in this world, the mighty power is the only rule of survival
and conquering is the unlimited evil.
Compared with traditional action game, this game adopts auto-attack.
The operation is simple and convenient for you to experience the fierce battles in a relaxed mood.
You will enjoy abundant choices of wpons and stunning Kung Fu Combos.
What are you waiting for ?!
This world is waiting for your conquering!!!!

★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★Game Ftures:
— Explosive and shocking views with the cartoon style
— Gorgeous scenes and plentiful maps
— Dazzling wpons with various action effects and kill moves
— Stunning skills and cool combos; Abundant combinations of different wpons
— Gangs from all over the world; A large of armed enemies; Mighty bosses
— Designed for Touch-action games; perfect simple operations
download linksMOD APK (22.13MB)zippyshare Hard Wound v1.00.06 (Free Shopping)

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