Wednesday, May 18, 2016

THE GODS HD android for unlimited gold mod APK+data

Current Version 1.0 modRequires Android 2.3 and up,armv7 only

This game is large in relation to the terminal by splitting the resource file, you can download so helpful. Nevertheless, the capacity is 1.3GB and the dot data in that file must be compressed and the normal game processing, such as the requirement for a different process,
The following issues are likely to arise.

In addition, the game is free, but 1st stage (Scenario Mode, Challenge Mode) is available. Full version of the current 2,200 won (VAT included) are available.

Problem cases [ 1]
1) does not download
* Possible Cause
a) is not terminal downloadable
b) If the network connection is slow

a) for the issue of the absence of current msures .
This game is currently being offered only in our country .
International connections and is not being sold in the country through the terminal
You can not download .
In addition , Android OS 2.2 or later, available.
b) running stable , plse download the WiFi environment .

[ 2] In case the problem
2) When it is not installed (Data Prosessing failure)
< Phenomena>
After downloading Google Play on "Open" to hold , Game Box screen optimization process ("Data Processing") to run , but the forced shutdown occurs they may return to the HOME

* Possible Cause
c) a resource shortage occurs during the optimization process , the process is interrupted if the
d) SD card in case of interruption due to lack of storage space
e) caused by memory shortage when stopped

c) Sleep Mode , to incrse the maximum amount of time off , or in sleep mode it.
※ Depending on the device , and set up time may vary .
※ continue processing during sleep mode operation is in progress , so
Home Back terminal rept and do not push it.
※ This optimization may take 45 minutes to occur.
In this case, 3) is common to the point of how to respond and stop ,
We recommend how to delete memory .

d) SD card secured more than 1.4GB of storage space , plse .
This game is optimized when a compressed file is needed to solve the task .
After about 1.3GB ~ 1.4GB of uncompressed space.

e) The appliion works in the background and terminate it.
During optimization , the more memory is consumed. So now with the task killer , etc.
Plse quit other appliions is working .

Problem cases [ 3]
3) If the game fails to run
< Phenomena>
GameBox screen "Game Start" is pressed , but , Home to return to the screen if the

* Possible Cause
f) fails to optimize the use of the terminal
g) use of terminal resources in the target file is damaged

f) and g) in the case of all , we need a technical response .
Time slot , the device information and issue a current phenomenon threesome
Plse send along the bottom of the e-mail address .

If it fails to [ buy ]
< Phenomena>
Items for purchase , Google Checkout , go , kill charge in some cases during the approval process

* Possible Cause
h) at the time the game is working in the background caused by a shortage of memory ,
In some cases the game ends

On the next start-up , G-Coin is charged after check first ,
Plse purchase through the G-Coin .
In addition , "e) The appliion works in the background to end it and " how to dl with
Plse note , your memory to ensure may help resolve the problem.
If , G-Coin if not filled , after confirming the purchase history management tm is
Through our system , let me charge it .
In this case, the e-mail address to contact you.

download linksZIPPYSHARE

-Unlimited Gold
-All Character Unlocked

-Uninstall market/previous version
-Install modded APK
-Place data folder "CalviGames" in SDCard/
-Download the save files and replace all those 3 files in data folder named "CalviGames"

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